Thursday, March 14, 2013

Midnight Snack

I ran away as fast as I could. My hands were covered in bright red blood, you should have never went in,  in the first place, I thought to myself this would have never happened if you would just stay in the house like Hollie says, I licked my hands and felt the bloodlust all over again. She had smelled amazing like the sweetest tasting apple you've ever tried, and she left her window wide open just letting her scent drift out. I didn't even know i was following her scent until I was already at her bedside. She looked so peaceful sleeping; her pale alabaster skin against the dark purple of her blanket, her sleek black hair fanned over the pillow, and how her neck was turned just enough that i would be able to drink it all up in one clean bite. I grazed her neck lightly and just when i was about to bite down, I decided that biting her neck would kill her, whereas if I bite her arm she may have a chance of survival if I can stop myself. I bite down hard into her wrist and the blood immediately started to flow into my mouth. It tasted delicious it was sweet like cider but smooth, I had probably drank a whole pint already but what’s one more? She'll be fine I thought to myself I kept drinking and drinking when i heard a hoarse cry.

"kyle, what are you doing!?" She yelped groggily.
I ignored her and kept drinking, she started to yell and scream for help and  tried budging from my grasp but I held on tightly. She was too good to waste and besides she'll be dead in seconds I had practically sucked her dry. Thats when I heard footsteps coming from down the hall, I took my lips off of her arm only to realize that I was holding her so tightly that blood had squeezed onto my hands. I didn't stop to assess the damage I had done to her, I ran straight to her window and jumped out I landed light and swift on the ground barely making a noise. I ran as quickly as i could jumping over her fence and moving quickly into my backyard. I didn't go inside I ran away as fast as I could, my hands covered in bright red blood. I just  kept running, once I was deep into the woods I sat down and kept licking my hands like I had before, maybe she thought it was a dream and went back to sleep, hmmm maybe I could go back and get another hit. I shook my head angrily, now Hollie would definitely be right, I wasn't ready at all, I just almost killed my neighbour! However, if Hollie didn't find out about it then I wouldn't get in trouble.
"Hmmmmm.." I thought to myself.
-A few hours later-
I felt a little bad the girl was all wrapped up in clothing to keep her warm and she was attached to a blood bag, which looked pretty tasty, her hair was pulled back out of her face her neck was covered with the collar of her sweater and her wrist was in gauze. I bent over her and opened her eyes.
"Has anyone asked you what happened, and have you told anyone yet?" I asked just to make sure this was even worth it.
She shook her head back and forth.
" You do not remember who bit you, in fact you don't remember anything other than waking up with your wrist bitten." I murmured to her.
" I don't remember anything." She whispered, so faint it looked like she mouthed the words.
"Good." I said to her, and with that I snuck out of her bedroom again and back into mine.

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